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The search for the perfect property is often a unique event in our lives. Even so, identifying specific expectations and preferences can be problematic. What’s more, reviewing dozens of offers and comparing them without the current market knowledge is a time-consuming process. For many people, formal and administrative issues are the proverbial “witchcraft”, and failure to pay attention to them may result in costly and undesirable consequences. This also applies to investors for whom the property should generate profit with minimal involvement of time. Therefore, it is worth taking advantage of the experience and knowledge of real estate brokers.

The Polish real estate market is characterized by the high attractiveness of residential investments. Contrary to, among others German market, the cost of the lease is relatively high in relation to the cost of the mortgage. Of course, one should remember that the attractiveness of this type of investment is limited by individual creditworthiness.

Real estate is generally considered to be a safe type of capital investment. Regardless of the downturn, as with the current economic downturn, the real estate market functions much better than other investment markets. Moreover, in the face of rising inflation, real estate, as real investments, is becoming an increasingly attractive investment good.

Our agents guarantee comprehensive service, which is why we are able to help at every stage of the investment process – from help in choosing the property to be purchased, through its adjustment, to the efficient finding of a tenant. As you know, each phase of this process is associated with specific challenges, however, Homely Estates agents, using their experience and expertise of our partners, help to cope with each problem.

The key goal of our work is to create relationships, which is why we base our cooperation with clients on dialogue. Before making any decision, we present our clients with various options and advise which choice may be satisfactory for them. Depending on the individual preferences of customers, we contact you occasionally in the event of interest in the property, or periodically report interest by phone or e-mail.

The main difference that can be distinguished between ordinary and occasional lease is the scope of protection of the parties to the contract. Despite the many benefits for landlords guaranteed by the occasional lease agreement, it is a much less frequently chosen type of lease agreement, due to the quite complex formal process of concluding the agreement. However, Homely Estates provides assistance in carrying out all the formalities.

The real estate market is characterised by an inexhaustible number of offers, which is why it is so important to reach the largest possible number of potential tenants or buyers. At Homely Estates, we use all available tools to increase the reach, and thus create the greatest possible chance for owners to meet potential tenants or buyers.

As mentioned above, the real estate market is a place where you can find hundreds or even thousands of offers that are often confusingly similar to each other. It should be remembered that apart from subjectively selected and objective criteria (such as price), it is necessary to pay attention to other aspects of the real estate offer. It happens that the rent presented in the offer does not include the administrative fees or other fees related to the use of the property. In the sale process, it is necessary to check the legal status of the property, its encumbrances and the rights of its owners. To avoid a situation where some important detail is missed, Homely Estates agents watch over all relevant issues related to the process.

In this particular period, the safety and health of both our customers and employees is extremely important to us. Therefore, at every meeting with clients and people interested in real estate, we guarantee compliance with the most important sanitary rules, including wearing masks and disinfecting hands. In addition, we try to minimise personal contact, which is why we contact our customers electronically when possible.

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