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What is the process of buying a property with Homely Estates

1. Learning client's needs

Buying an apartment is one of the most important decisions in life for many. It is an investment made for years, therefore decisions related to it should be taken with particular care.

2. Property selection

The real estate market consists of thousands of offers. We present our clients with a list of selected properties that, in our opinion, are best suited to their needs and search criteria.

3. Verification of the legal status of the property

In order to avoid undesirable situations and guarantee the security of signed contracts, we always carefully check the legal status of the property offered. Thanks to this, we also save our clients’ time.

4. Presentation of selected properties

Viewing real estate is extremely engaging and time-consuming. Therefore, we introduce various forms of getting to know the property to save your time.

5. Assistance in negotiating contract terms

By browsing through thousands of offers, we are able to tell you about the current situation on the market and negotiable conditions.

6. Finalising the contract

In order to ensure the quality of the signed contracts, we suggest to our clients what provisions should be included in them so that they are protected from undesirable consequences.

Only safe properties

Buying an apartment is a unique investment, so you cannot afford to risk. We make sure that we work only with reliable owners and reliable real estate. Thanks to this, our clients can rest assured and soon enjoy their new home.

It's not worth overpaying

When verifying the price of the property, we make a simple assumption - it's not worth overpaying. Taking advantage of the extensive experience and excellent knowledge of the market of our experts, our clients can be sure that they will pay a favourable price for the property.

Remote service

We offer the option of carrying out the purchase process remotely. Click the button below to find out more.

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