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At Homely Estates we create offers with individual preferences in mind and we are able to bring out the maximum potential from the property. We advise you on how to create a real home out of real estate, i.e. a place to which you always come back with pleasure. When working with us you can be sure your home is in good hands.

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Homely Estates are primarily people, specialists in their profession. Our main goal is to provide quality and satisfaction to our customers.

We make living conditions, not deals. Each contract is carried out individually, with the needs of the people we work with in mind. We advise you on how to create a real home from the property, i.e. a place you always come back to with pleasure. Our cooperation does not end with the handover of the keys, but we take care of your “nest” for as long as you want.

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Why is it worth working with a real estate agency? What is an occasional lease?

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Each of our real estate agents will adapt to the most unusual needs and fulfil non-standard wishes. Our success consists primarily of the satisfaction of the people who trusted us.