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Homely Estates is a new brand on the real estate market that was created to provide the highest quality services. Experience gathered, among others on the commercial real estate market, guarantees reliability and meticulousness of the processes carried out and the highest level of negotiations.

The basic determinant of our success is customer satisfaction with the process. That is why cooperation and dialogue with clients is so important to us. We make sure to meet their expectations. For this purpose, we try to get to know the preferences of people interested in our services as much as possible before establishing cooperation. During the provision of the brokerage service, we present and jointly analyse various options in order to determine and select the best possible solution.

We work with experts from various industries related to the real estate market. Thanks to this, we are able to guarantee care over the process and advice on a wide range of real estate topics. We provide solutions, among others, in legal, credit and tax issues.

More than a process...

Homely Estates is not only a real estate agency, but most of all people. We work with people, not with clients, which is why their satisfaction is so important to us. Looking for a flat is about creating living conditions, therefore we focus on meeting people’s needs. We create our offers with individual preferences in mind, and we are able to extract the maximum potential from the property. We advise you on how to create a real home from the property, i.e. a place you always come back to with pleasure. Our cooperation does not end with the handover of the keys, but we take care of your “nest” for as long as you want.

We base each cooperation on a carefully prepared strategy. The rental and sales processes include not only the preparation of documentation and finalisation of transactions, but also consultations in the field of architecture as well as legal and tax consultancy. Each of our real estate agents will adapt to the most unusual needs and fulfil non-standard wishes. Our success consists primarily of the satisfaction of the people who trusted us.

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Our vision

Our vision consists primarily of the criteria of functioning and the motivation, which is the goal we set for ourselves – ensuring a satisfactory use of the property. It allows us to define the framework of our activities and helps us gradually achieve sustainable, qualitative growth.

  • People: we strive to create relationships, which is why people – both our employees and the customers we meet every day – are such an important element of our daily business.
  • Scope of services: by learning about the individual needs and preferences of our clients, we are able to adjust the scope of services and terms of cooperation to each interested party.
  • Partners: we work with experts from various industries related to the real estate market, therefore we are able to advise on almost any real estate-related issues.
  • Reliability: caring about relations with our clients, we put all our strength to ensure that the services we offer are of the highest quality, which is measured by the satisfaction level of our clients.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide you with the opportunity to create your own “nest”. The real estate market is a collection of offers as wide as the sky. Some of them are like peas in the pod, but it is not always easy to find the perfect one. Therefore, using all available tools, we try to firstly meet the expectations of our clients, create a profile of the ideal property, and finally find the unique one in the “sea” of other offers.

However, the real estate market is not only about looking for the perfect place. For years, real estate has been an elementary example of a “safe” investment, therefore, regardless of fluctuations in the economic situation and the changing level of inflation, this market attracts crowds of investors. Property owners entrust us with some of their property so that we can fully use its potential. Therefore, it is such an important task for us to create appropriate conditions for the satisfactory use of their property.

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