Short-term real estate rental

Short-term rental in Poland is a market full of opportunities. Do you own or want to invest in a flat in a place that attracts tourists, or a flat ideal for weekend getaways?
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From owner to landlord - why trust us?

Short-term rentals can generate high revenues, but managing a tenancy requires time, knowledge of paperwork and logistics.That’s what we are for – an agency specialising in short-term rental management. We act as your autopilot, taking care of everything so you can enjoy the benefits of renting without any stress.
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Peace of mind and financial security: discover the benefits of working with us

Your listing will stand out with excellent quality images, compelling descriptions and effective promotion on popular platforms such as Airbnb or
Our market knowledge and experience in listing optimisation guarantee maximum occupancy for your venue. Forget about periods without bookings and enjoy an uninterrupted stream of guests.
We offer 24-hour guest service – answering questions, solving any problems and ensuring guest satisfaction. Our team is fluent in several languages, making it possible to communicate with foreign tourists.
We take care of everything from overseeing the payment of rent to organising each cleaning. This way you gain time and avoid formal complexities.
We care about the condition of your property, carry out regular inspections and work with trusted cleaning teams. Your property is safe with us.
We provide detailed reports on occupancy, rental prices and market trends. With this data, you can make informed business decisions, maximising your profits.

Short-term rental - not just a business, but a lifestyle

When you choose to work with us, entrusting us with the management of your short-term rental, you gain a partner who will take care of your property in a professional and efficient manner. We will take comprehensive care of your property, giving you more time and energy to pursue your own passions. Your property generates an income and you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that we are here to help you.

Think about the formalities before you rent on a short-term basis

Short-term rentals come with certain legal and tax obligations. We offer support in these aspects, advising on business registration and settlements with the tax authorities.

Join our satisfied customers

When you work with us, you join the community of owners who enjoy hassle-free rentals and satisfied guests. Our comprehensive service and attention to every detail make your property a favourite destination for tourists and travellers. See for yourself how easy and enjoyable short-term rentals can be with our help!

Do you want to earn money from short-term rentals? Get in touch with us!

If you have any questions or would like to start working together, you are more than welcome to contact us. We are ready to address your concerns and help you achieve success in the short-term rental market.
Start your short-term rental adventure today! Contact us and we’ll take care of the rest.

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